Auto Accidents

*Automobile Accident *


So you have been in an Automobile Accident.  Most people know they will be sore and you think you are alright.  Later, the inevitable thought occurs anywhere from one hour to five days after the time of the accident, 

“Am I Really All Right?”


Not only are automobile accidents an inconvenience and a hassle, you may have noticed that ever since the accident, you have not been feeling like your normal self.  You’re experiencing obvious pains and symptoms like:


Muscle stiffness


Neck pain


Numbness and tingling

Mid back pain

Low back pain

Difficulty sleeping


Memory loss


Difficulty concentrating

And many other problems…


Or Worse, You May Be Injured and Feel Nothing At All!


But, even worse, who will pay for the damages.  Unless you are physically and mentally capable of refusing to be taken to the hospital, the ambulance will whisk you away and the charges begin.  “So what”, you say?  You were not at fault and the ‘other guy’s insurance will pay’.  Don’t bet on it.  The ‘at fault party’ cuts one big check to cover all your bills and you release them from all liabilities.


If you are not hurt, no harm done.  But, you may not realize, without a proper evaluation, until maybe six months down the road if you are hurt or not.  Settling early is a big mistake.


Worse still, the hospital doesn’t care that you have been in an accident and the ‘other guy’ will pay, they want their money now.


There is an answer – Medical Payments Benefit!


Do this right now, DO NOT DELAY – pull out your automobile insurance policy and check to see if you have Medical Payments benefit.  Do not assume that you have this coverage, it is not included in the State mandated automobile insurance coverage for Georgia, and you have to pay extra.  It is only about $30.00 to $60.00 per six months and this eliminates a lot of hassle and headaches.


If you are uncertain as to whether you have this coverage or not, call your agent immediately, or bring your policy in and we will be happy to help you.


What should you have?  If you have good medical insurance, make sure you have enough Med Pay to cover your deductible and a little extra.  If you have no medical insurance or it is not very good, get the highest Med Pay you can, $50,000.00.  It is so well worth it.



Know for certain that you have this coverage and if you don’t,



Click on and access to read the, “Confidential: Car Accident Victim Report”, and call us if you have any questions at 770-479-5592.