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Vaccination Controversy

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Vaccinations have indeed become quite a controversial issue.

Parents are discovering information that suggest that vaccines are not the safe cure all and protective shield they were once thought to be. The pharmaceutical/medical industrial complex coupled with the governmental bureaucracy that has run amuck with unbridaled control is beginning to clash with informed parents.

This clash is beginning to heat up and one must understand that conflicts do clarify if the truth is able to surface.

This section is dedicated to all the parents who have lost their beloved children to the toxic effects of these "safe innoculations", and to those who must live with the brain damaged and physically disabled children that have resulted from these vaccines.

In an attempt to make informed choices, one is invariably caught in the web of ingrained beliefs and preconcieved ideas. To come to a better understanding and to help bridge the gap between these "beliefs" and the truth, knowledge and correct thinking must come to play.

When I was a student in Chiropractic school over 30 years ago and studied the immune system and the devastating effects of vaccinations, I made a personal decision not to vaccinate my children if and when I ever had the pleasure to experience life with God's gift to the human race.

It wasn't until I was in practice, had children of my own and was fed up with all the advertising about the importance of vaccinating your children that I decided to take a bold move and place an ad to counter the myth that it was mandatory.

Amid all the controversy that ensued, one of our patients came in and appeared quite troubled. In response to asking what was wrong, she replied that it was the ad we had run in the paper. SHE AGREED WITH OUR POSITION and wanted us to know why she had not vaccinated her five year old son and why she never would.

It seems that her first baby was a mother's dream. A baby that was always pleasant, happy, slept through the night, an absolute delight. At about six months of age she took this baby for a regularly scheduled DPT vaccine.

The baby was very fussy, began to scream at a high pitch which continued unconsolably through the night. In the morning she returned to the doctor and explained that something was obviously wrong with her baby and said she thought it must have something to do with the shot.

The doctor immediately denied that the shot had anything to do with the upset of her baby and looking her straight in the eye, accused her of spoiling the baby and that she should take the baby home, put it in it's crib and let it cry itself to sleep.

She said, "Seven days later, I buried my baby."

I can not begin to describe the stabbing pain I felt in my chest as my entire being wrenched with an emotional outpouring for this poor mother. I also could not believe that the shot could have actually killed her baby.

This event forever changed my life. I went to the library, pulled papers, books, research journals and studies, even checked into the congressional record. You never would believe what I found -- NOT ONE SOLITARY SHRED OF EVIDENCE THAT THE VACCINE PREMISE WAS VALID, SAFE OR EFFECTIVE!

I had looked at over 1700 research papers! in fact, every single one, if not blasting the vaccine premise and eliciting a call for the damages thereof, certainly questioned the entire program of forced innoculations.

Don't take my word for it, do the research yourself. Dr. Veirra Scheibner did her own research of over 60,000 papers and discovered the same thing that I have. I challenge you to prove me wrong.

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Live long and prosper healthfully.