We all want better health, but what does that mean?

We don't know what we don't know!

The first step is gaining knowledge.  With new found knowledge we have to discern how that may benefit us.  Then, we have a choice, do we act upon that knowledge so we may make some changes for the better or do we do nothing and expect that we will miraculously get better by continuing to do the same things that decreased our level of health in the first place.

Make no mistake, the Power that made the body is the only Power that can heal the body.  If you are not experiencing Health and Healing, there is an interference not allowing the body to express health and healing.

Along with regular Chiropractic Care, there are some great things you can incorporate into your daily health practices and understanding of health.

Declare Your Health Freedom

Declare Your Health Freedom NOW!!

Once you have watched the above video, you may continue to the next series of videos.  This series of three videos is entitled Substances.  Substances can cause a lot of interference to the normal functioning of your body and negatively effect your health, or they can be of great benefit in restoring and strengthening your health and well-being.  You definitely want to watch this series.


Substances 1st Video


Substances 2nd Video


Substances 3rd Video


Once you have ​​​​​​​mastered a good understanding of Substances, the good and bad, and begin to make some changes in your habits, it is now time to continue with the next series entitled the Fountain of Youth.  The Fountain of Youth is another 3 part series that focused on some Native Foundational Substances as we discussed in closing the final video of Substances.



Fountain of Youth

Fountain of Youth 1st Video


Fountain of Youth 2nd Video


Fountain of Youth 3rd Video


We hope you've enjoyed this short series on health.  As we stated in the beginning, we don't know what we don't know.  Now that you do know, you have a choice, continue doing what you have always done, or start making some beneficial changes that will improve your health.  Your destiny resides in your hands.  Make a decision and take action!

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