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What Should You Expect on Your First Visit With Us?

Your first visit to the Wellness Chiropractic Center will consist of a few specific procedures: consultation, examination procedures and x-rays if necessary. You will also need to complete a New Patient Information form which we have made available as a PDF for you to download.

The initial consultation is always complimentary and is the foundation for the basis of a good understanding of your problem and whether we believe we can be of help to you. If you feel you need more information prior to scheduling your Complimentary Consultation with the doctor, you may access our FREE Report by CLICKING HERE, “The 11 Questions You MUST Ask Before Choosing A Chiropractor", or (CLICK HERE to receive your report in Spanish), or if you prefer, you may qualify for our Professional Phone Consultation.

Once we have determined that we may be able to help you with your problem, our fee structure will be explained to you, and if you wish, we can proceed to the examination portion of your visit.

At Wellness Chiropractic Center our examinations procedures are geared toward detection and correction of the "Vertebral Subluxation". The procedures we use are therefore specifically selected for your spine and nervous system health. There are a couple of things that you should expect when you have a first visit at our clinic.

Our Examination consists of a thorough spinal and nervous system exam which includes "Palpation". Palpation essentially is checking your spine by hand. With this exam the doctor can feel areas of your spine that may be involved with subluxations problems. Spinal position, curvatures and muscle tone can also be examined as it relates to possible spinal subluxations.

Your examination will also include two specialized computerized nerve examinations.  This examination involves several important components.

The first part of this examination process involves reading spinal heat differences from one level of the spine to another, as well as from one side of the spine to the other. Heat is a by product of circulation, which is controlled by the autonomic nervous system. From this we can see how subluxation may be affecting these functions of your nervous system.

In the second part of this examination  scans the surface of your spinal area for surface electrical impulses, and measures them along your spine. This helps measure the affect of subluxation on the motor nerve system and the affect subluxations may be having on your muscles.

The importance of each of these tests will be explained to you at your Report of Findings. However, it is important to note that this examination helps scientifically understand the subluxation processes going on in your spine. It also gives us a baseline for future tests so we can accurately measure your progress to see how your spine is correcting and your nervous system is functioning. Using the Insight Millennium Subluxation Examination is much more accurate than just depending on "how you feel" on any given day. Please click here to download a "pdf" copy of normal Thermal and SEMG scans with an explanation of how to interpret these scans.

Spinal X-rays may be taken depending on your age, and situation. There are many reasons why we would not take x-rays on certain patients including pregnancy, most children, recent usable spinal x-rays and some other various situations. Aside from these situations, x-rays are a common part of the examination process when looking for vertebral subluxations. X-rays give us important information including the position of the spinal bones, and the quality of the spine and safety of adjusting it. X-rays also tell us the relative length of time subluxations may have been involved in your spine.

An additional important examination is a Stress Response Evaluation.  This is a safe computerized evaluation of how your brain and bodys physiology responds to stress and more importantly, how it relaxes when the stress is removed.  This tells us a great deal about how you respond in your environment and the overall health of your nerve and immune systems.

With this important information we can make a more accurate determination of the type of adjustments your spine needs as well as the initial frequency of your care. Your x-rays and these important tests will be explained to you and covered in detail at your Doctors Report of Findings.

You will be scheduled for your Report of Findings within a few days of your initial visit. This visit is your most important visit and we will take as much time as you need to answer all of your questions. It is at your Report of Findings that we will give you a care plan and go over any special instructions you will need to obtain the best and fastest possible results. We have set aside specific times for these visits so as not to interfere with regular patient care hours. Our staff schedule your Report of Findings with you after your first visit.

Our Chiropractic Care at the Wellness Chiropractic Center utilizes the most modern chiropractic analytic and adjustive procedures and equipment available. We consider subluxations to be a serious threat to the quality and quantity of your health and that of your family. It is therefore imperative that we utilize the most modern, and the well established time-proven procedures to help you. We feel you’re worth it!


Need More Information?  Why not consider a complimentary phone consultation.

What is a Complimentary Professional Phone Consultation?

This is a consultation done by the doctor over the phone rather than in person. This is done as a convenience to make it easier for people to find out how their health problems might respond to an alternative approach. There is no cost or obligation.

How Long Does It Take?

The consultation usually lasts fifteen minutes to one half hour. It is in-depth and very complete.  It is very important for people to have a second opinion that is non-drug and completely natural.

What Types of Problems Can Chiropractic Help?

People who have any health problem that is not responding should seek this consultation. People with headaches, arthritis pain, back pain, sciatic pain, disc problems, numbness, fatigue, stress, allergies, asthma, digestive problems, sleep problems, carpal tunnel symptoms, etc. have all reported results with Chiropractic care.

Who Should Receive a Complimentary Professional Phone Consultation?

You or anyone you know who would like to find out if they could get well naturally. The phone consultation is specifically for the person who cannot decide to make an actual appointment or would like to first have their condition evaluated.

How Do I Schedule a Complimentary Professional Phone Consultation?

Simply call our office at 770-479-5592 or email us and ask to schedule a time for your Complimentary Professional Phone Consultation.

That's all there is to it. You'll be glad you did.