Wellness Chiropractic - Staff



Sarah M. Grubb, CA

Hey, my name is Sarah Grubb. I am a Chiropractic Assistant here at Wellness Chiropractic Center. I obtained my Associate of Science Degree in Health Science in January 2019. I was eager to find employment, but patient enough to wait for the job that was the best fit for me. Within a week of being hired as a team member at Wellness Chiropractic Center, I knew this was the place to be. Drs. Lou and Laurie are both absolutely, amazing. It is a pleasure to work along side doctors who truly care about the overall wellness of each, and every one of their patients.  I assist with managing all new patients, administrative support, and help the doctors with anything they might need during office hours. It has been a blessing, and a true pleasure working with all the new and established patients that come to see us at Wellness Chiropractic Center.

Soon after discovering all the benefits of chiropractic care, I was ready to start my own journey to optimal health and wellness. I received an evaluation and immediately started to get some adjustments. I was having constant lower back pain, and I also have scoliosis. After my first adjustment, I noticed a huge improvement in the pain in my back. Sleeping at night is usually extremely painful for me. I spend most of the night tossing and turning to try and relieve the pain in my lower back. The morning I woke up, after getting adjusted the previous day, I realized that I could hardly feel any pain in my back. That night I slept without having to toss and turn. I was able to lay in the bed without any pain. I was totally amazed and feeling so grateful.

I am looking forward to my future here at Wellness Chiropractic Center. I feel so blessed to be here with Drs. Lou and Laurie, and all our awesome patients, of all ages.




Stacey Baity, CA

Hi, my name is Stacey Baity and I am the front desk receptionist.  My duties include greeting our wellness partners and checking them in and out of the clinic.  Answering incoming calls, scheduling appointments, maintaining flow though the office and a variety of administrative tasks that keep our office running smoothly and efficiently.

I have always had a passion for wanting to be involved with helping people get and stay well and I have worked in the holistic and chiropractic field for over 10 years now.  I have long believed we can do so much to prevent disease and unnecessary suffering with a variety of chiropractic and holistic approaches.  I believe western medicine only focuses on the symptoms and doesn’t find the underlying cause of the illness which becomes an ongoing cycle of drugs and more drugs.  It is very rewarding to me to offer people an alternative for better health.

I am married with one son and one step son.  We are new to the area coming from south Atlanta where I have lived my entire life.  I am thrilled to get to know and help the residents of Cherokee County and surrounding counties and to help in your quest for better health.