Vaccination Resources

All of these resources are links to other sites.  Just click the arrow in front of any that may interest you and you will be taken to the site.  Enjoy.

About Vaccine Choices
FREE Report
Childbirth Solutions
Great Resource if you or someone you know is pregnant!
Childrens Health
For The Love Of Children Too
A Guide to Better Health - Naturally
Circle of Docs
Studies Prove the Unvaccinated are Healthier than their Vaccinated counterparts
Foundation For Health Choice
Healthy Child Online
National Vaccine Information Center
NOT Doctors
People Advocating Vaccine Education
The Doctor Within
The Vaccination Controversy
The Whale
Great Source for other links and information
Think Twice
More Vaccination Info
Turning Point Healing Center
Vaccination Adverse Events Reporting System
Vaccination Information and Choice Network
Vaccination Information Internet Resources
Vaccination News
Vaccine Liberation Organisation
Vaccine Website