Beyond Organic

I would like to let you know of a fantastic new company that I thought you should know about.  It is all Organic and the name is “Beyond Organic”.

If you want, you can just click on this link to go to Beyond Organic: CLICK HERE, but here is a little background.

Jordan Rubin, famed author of “The Makers Diet” and author of numerous books, his most recent, “The Raw Truth”, is the principle behind this company.  He also started the “Garden of Life” nutritional supplement company based on all raw sources.

Beyond Organic is a company devoted to selling only the best organic beef, raw cheese, cultured dairy products, supreme mountain spring water, probiotic water, probiotic flaxseed oil and (are you ready for this – probiotic chocolate!)

The vision is absolutely amazing and this is an invitation from me to you to check out the company.  By clicking the web link you will be able to see little video clips about the products and learn more about Jordan’s vision.  He wants to sell his products via a networking marketing distribution method. 

After perusing the Beyond Organic site, I would encourage you to sign up as an Insider, it is free, and two things will happen.  First, you will lock in your position in the matrix in case you would like to participate in the networking program that will not even launch until October of this year.  Second, and this is important, you will receive all the updates about the company, its progress and will know when everything will become available.

Please understand that this is an amazing opportunity.  Jordan’s vision is to change the health of the world by bringing back good wholesome organic foods that we all can enjoy.  He has an 8,000-acre ranch in southern Missouri and gets his spring water from the source in the mountains of Blue Ridge Georgia.  (Also included in his vision is a health account that will earn credits for food if you go to a chiropractor, massage therapist, buy local grown food, farmers markets, etc. - and how about Health Coaches!)

Here is the link again: CLICK HERE, be sure and sign up either as a Preferred Customer or a Mission Marketer to get a 20% discount. 

Please enjoy the site, call me with any questions, 770-365-9683, and I look forward to a continued long and “healthy” relationship with you.