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To gain a more elevated command of this complex and controversial issue, one must acquire a more thorough understanding in three sub areas. How the immune system works, how the vaccines have or have not worked and the legal considerations. This is part three of a three part series addressing these areas and is written with the idea that it may be copied and passed around to your friends and loved ones.

If you understood the first part in this series, you would understand that the best way to build a strong immune system is not through vaccinations but rather through natural exposure. The second part addressed very succinctly not only the failures of vaccination but also the very damaging side effects that can be a reality if vaccination is the chosen route. Most discerning parents, when presented with the facts will choose not to vaccinate, however they will always default to, "but I have to in order to get my child into school".

The perpetuating myth of "NO SHOTS - NO SCHOOL" is, at best, a misconstrued notion and at worst, a bold faced lie! Even if the shots were effective and there were no side effects, to make the shots mandatory would violate the Declaration of Independence, The U.S. Constitution (Articles IV and the Preamble), Articles VI, IX and X of the Bill of Rights and Article XIV of the Amendments. Not only do these perceived compulsory immunization laws conflict with the U.S. Constitution, but also with the Constitution of every state of the union of states.

While a caring parent who wishes to not vaccinate could argue their right not to vaccinate on the above facts, they would be creating a controversy which would give the courts jurisdiction to render a ruling over the parents decision not to vaccinate. This would be costly, abusive, and the courts generally have been known to support the "position" of the government and/or its agencies, be they right or wrong.

However, all is not lost. If indeed, mandatory vaccination is contrary to the above, the only way it can be made to "appear" mandatory, and thus be "legal" in the eyes of the court, is if there is also a remedy within the law.

As an example, let's consider the state of Georgia. The requirements for "Immunization of students" is spelled out in O.C.G.A. 20-2-771(a) through (h). This code section does not require that children be vaccinated but rather that "...the child shall first have submitted a certificate of immunization..." in order to be admitted to or attend any school in this state, (Georgia).

Further under section (e), "This section shall not apply to a child whose parent or legal guardian objects on the grounds that the immunization conflicts with the religious beliefs of the parent or guardian;...".

Also under the same section (e) it states that in order to be exempt, "...the parent or guardian must first furnish ... the school... an affidavit in which the parent or guardian swears or affirms that the immunization required conflicts with the religious beliefs of the parent or guardian".

One of the greatest tools that a deceptive government utilizes to invoke compliance upon a sleeping public is the use of vague terminology cloaked within the color of law and coupled with the power of the "whisperings of the neighbors". When Christopher Columbus proposed the earth to be round, while a fanciful idea, the "whisperings of the neighbors" supported the "fact" that the world was indeed flat!

When confronted with the "religious exemption" clause, the "whisperings of the neighbors" asks what religion are you, does your church publicly support non vaccination, can you get a letter from your church? The time has come that we dispense with our addiction to commonly held beliefs and begin to seek the truth based on clearly delineated facts.

Since this is the law, opinions are irrelevant. Legal definitions carry the day.

Black's Law Dictionary defines: "Religion. Man's relation to Divinity, to reverence, worship, obedience and submission..."; and "Religious Freedom. Within Constitution embraces not only the right to worship God according to the dictates of one's conscience,..." Also the Constitution of the State of Georgia, Article 1, Paragraph 3; "Each person has the natural and inalienable right to worship God, each according to the dictate of that person's own conscience; and no human authority should, in any case, control or interfere with such right of conscience".

There is absolutely no question as to the fact that one's religious beliefs has nothing to do with a church but rather the "dictates of one's own conscience". So, if you believe that vaccinations are wrong, whether for scientific reasons, constitutional reasons, health reasons, philosophical reasons, it does not matter, if it is a deeply held conviction, then it is your "religious belief".

Please feel free to copy, (or view as an example), and use the AFFIDAVIT OF RELIGIOUS CONFLICT WITH IMMUNIZATION REQUIREMENTS, as specific for the State of Georgia. If you have any trouble with using this form or getting your children into school, please feel free to contact Dr. Briegel directly at WCC@myhealthlink.net.

Above all else, remember this: God, not governments, gave men and women children. God, not governments, gave men and women the responsibilities of caring for and raising those children. God, not governments, is who parents need to answer to when making decisions for the children.

The parent, by the grace of God, has been empowered to bring into this physical existence a child to love, care for, raise and release into God's kingdom; here on earth empowered to do the same. There is no governmental law of mankind that gives one person authority over another in caring for one's own family.

Parents, let us not relinquish our responsibility to the outstretched arms of a reckless government that has neither the compassion nor the charge for assuming that responsibility.