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To gain a more elevated command of this complex and controversial issue, one must acquire a more thorough understanding in three sub areas. How the immune system works, how the vaccines have or have not worked and the legal considersations. This is part one of a three part series addressing these areas and is written with the idea that it may be copied and passed around to your friends and loved ones.

A properly functioning immune system has the ability to tell the difference between those things that are a normal part of the body and those that are foreign.

When the body's immune system encounters a foreign substance (antigen), it produces an antibody to fight, contain and destroy that enemy. There are two methods by which the enemy can trigger this response in the body, natural or crises.

Natural exposure, the primary method, is when the enemy enters the body through normal channels, such as the mucous membranes, upper respiratory or gastrointestinal tract - the body's protective barriers to infectious agents.

The second method is when the body's immune system comes in contact with the enemy through a crisis situation such as through an open wound, deep cut, puncture or injection (vaccination).

In either case, when the body's immune system encounters a foreign substance for the first time, it produces antibodies which become very "specific" to that particular antigen. This is the law of "specificity".

When the immune system is allowed to develop its defense through natural exposure to its enemy, it builds a better defense because it has more time to prepare for attack. It starts to build an army against the enemy, before that enemy ever enters the body. This would be similar to a fort on top of a hill whereby an approaching enemy could be seen and preparation could be made for battle.

During a crisis encounter with an antigen (foreign agent), the body does not have the luxury of time and must respond immediately with the resources at hand. This would be a-kin to the "Gift" of the Trojan horse to an unsuspecting army.

It is important to know that the body responds very well under both conditions. It is also very important to understand that the body responds with an unquestionably stronger immune response when it encounters the foreign body through natural exposure.

Having understood what was just stated, it should evident to any parent that in order for your child to gain immunity from chicken pox, your child should play with another child who has chicken pox.

However, the real kicker is this: Due to the specificity of the antigen-antibody response in the body, once the body's immune system builds an antibody for a specific antigen, the body will always only be able to build the same antibody for that antigen from here on out. This means that if the first encounter with the chicken pox is through vaccination, an inferior immune response is what will be used each and every time the body encounters the chicken pox virus!

It is not a medical secret that when an individuals immune response is built upon natural exposure (without vaccination), the individual will acquire lifelong immunity. However, when the immune response is built upon vaccination, the response will be inferior and temporary, thereby allowing the individual to acquire the disease later in life when it is much more devastating. (Observe the measles out breaks in college students who had been fully vaccinated in the eighties).

Having read this far, you have either been in total agreement or are now very uncomfortable with the possibility that your long held belief for vaccinations may be built on a false premise. After all, "conventional wisdom" has us believe that vaccinations are totally safe and effective.

Consider this, "Conventional Wisdom" is based on confusion and misinformation. It has a crowding-out effect in our thought processes and inquiry is stifled. In other words, conventional wisdom programs us to reject any information or thought not in harmony with our preconditioning and experience. This is called "Cognitive Dissonance".

If we are to break the chains that shackle us to our conventional wisdom, we must take responsibility for ourselves, our bodies and the lives of our children. As we acquire greater responsibility, through knowledge, we will begin to awaken from the state of acquired learned helplessness that conventional wisdom has sedated our mental capacities with.