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Building An Understanding Of The Vaccination Consciousness

When one has gained a more elevated command of this complex and controversial issue, having studied the previously addressed three sub areas; how the immune system works, how the vaccines have or have not worked and the legal considerations, one is usually met with a deluge of impassioned irrationality. What is one to do?

In an effort to understand how to deal with other peoples preconceived ideas, it is important to understand their impassioned propensity towards irrationality. When confronted with a controversy, an individual usually defends their position rather than listen to the other possibilities (basic human nature).

As an example, if a parent decides not to vaccinate their child, they are bombarded by other well intentioned adults giving them all kinds of reasons why they should. This against all scientific, rational thought. The situation can get even worse when the others begin to accuse you of child neglect and abuse.

Understand that every single individual wants to be right. No one feels good when they are wrong. Everyone has preconceived ideas. What makes the data and facts which one holds dear a preconceived idea is that they never investigated for themselves, the truth of the data.

When virtually the whole of society is born and raised into a world that "believes" we must vaccinate, and in fact, have been vaccinated themselves, it is very difficult to penetrate that core belief with "scientific data and facts". When confronted with the controversy, the individual most always defaults to the core belief regardless of the truth.

If, by human nature, people want to be right, it is easy to see why an individual who has been vaccinated and holds the associated core belief, will initially be so steadfast in their defense of vaccination. It becomes much more difficult to understand why they will become so vehement in their desire to make you comply with the rest of society.

Ponder this, most people consider good and evil as being synonymous with right and wrong. Let us assume they are not. Let us assume that right and wrong is something more tangible or concrete that can have a basis in truth, facts, documentable data and the moral fabric in general. Good and evil would be more ethereal and based in preconceived ideas as well as ideas in general.

Given that no one inherently considers themselves to be evil and therefore all consider themselves to be good, let's see what happens when a non-vaccinating parent is confronted with a school registrar or a health department nurse.

The first confrontation is one of disbelief. (What is wrong with this parent, everyone knows the earth is flat. It always has been and it always will be.) They "know" they are right and therefore good. The non-vaccinating parent can therefore only be wrong and here's the kicker, they also must be evil.

Look at any religion throughout the course of history as well as the wars of governments and countries and they are all based on the ideology of good vs. evil. So, when the public official or health care practitioner is confronted with a non-vaccinating parent, they obviously see this as wrong but more importantly, if only on a subconscious level, they see this person as evil.

Most people "feel" that the course of action of good is to stamp out evil. So they have assumed a personal role, if not responsibility, to eliminate the evil within this person. As this encounter continues to unfold, it is quite interesting to note how the socialistic attitude of "the end justifies the means" becomes all consuming. The good will do all kinds of wrong (justifiably) to eliminate the evil in this person.

When this is understood, it becomes increasingly pertinent to know your objective before going "into battle" and stick solely to that mission. If the objective is to get your child registered in school, then do not try to educate or argue the vaccine issue. Simply, get the proper paperwork together (an affidavit of religious or philosophical exemption according to your state law) and when asked about the certificate of immunization, simply hand the official the affidavit.

If you have a properly constructed affidavit according to your state law, you calmly state that the law is printed on the top and that you have complied with the law. If they have any further "concerns" about this, ask them to take it up with their supervisor.

Please understand that no one can responsibly decide not to vaccinate unless they have first investigated the facts for themselves. Until such time, it matters not what you say to them, they will think you wrong. Nothing can be potentially more dangerous than confronting an individual with blinders on their thought process who "knows" they are not only right, but also good. In their eyes, you can only be evil.

Get the information and help you need. Make any confrontations as easy as possible while obtaining your objectives. Most importantly, continue to enjoy your life in this great garden which we call life and never relinquish your responsibility to care for and nurture your children which God has given to you to raise.

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